Getting a GP Referral

I may have Dyspraxia, who can my GP refer me to?

If you are not sure if you have Dyspraxia it is helpful to complete an Adult Dyspraxia Checklist. You can obtain the Dr Amanda Kirby’s ADC screening test – once complete (you can score it yourself), take this to your GP who can refer you to a specialist service like the Dyscovery Centre in Wales or Dyspraxia UK which is a UK-wide service.

Local Hospitals may have Psychologists who will diagnose dyspraxia but will seldom be able to suggest strategies.  For adults, we recommend seeking diagnosis through a specialist Occupational Therapist which will include strategies, and recommendations for line managers. Ask for the Therapist’s qualifications and experience before committing to them.

If you are an adult ‘actively seeking work’ and your GP is not willing to fund you, you can try applying to JobCentre Plus. Ask for an appointment with the DEA (Disablement Employment Advisor) who may be able to get discretionary funds to pay for a work related assessment and a dyspraxia diagnosis if you can show that dyspraxia is preventing you working, or affecting your ability at work.

The ADC screening test for dyspraxia may be helpful for you to take to the DEA at the JobCentre to more fully explain your difficulties. Dyspraxia Action! can provide you with this free screening test and advice.