Getting a diagnosis of Dyspraxia – For Adults

Adults may diagnosed by a psychologist or specialist occupational therapist. Psychologists tend to use fewer tests and rely on the WAIS IQ test to find the typical differences in verbal and performance IQ. However this IQ test is not designed for diagnosis of dyspraxia on its own and these differences are not present in everyone dyspraxia.

A more detailed assessment covering visual difficulties, motor coordination, work related stress, hypersensitivity and recommendations for employment, line managers, tutors etc would be offered by a specialist Occupational Therapist. Try:

Ask any therapist for their HCPC number and years of experience of working with adults with dyspraxia. You can request a sample report to see if medical and early history are taken. Test should include BERY, VMI, the WRIT, developmental neurological assessment amongst others.

Costs of reports vary from £675.00 to £900.00 plus with additional costs if a workplace visit is required. Reports are typically 11 – 14 pages long and the assessment takes around three hours.