Lace up for DCD!

Support Dyspraxia Action with #laceupfordcdDyspraxia (also known as DCD) effects people of all ages and it typically effects coordination. The fine motor skills needed to tie shoe laces can make the task very difficult for somebody with DCD and we want to encourage people to face the fear during Dyspraxia Awareness Week (11th-17th October 2015).

Support the cause by grabbing some crazy coloured laces, lacing your shoes with them and donating via this page.

We’d love to see your shoe lace pictures via social media – simply hashtag #laceupfordcd – videos would be great too!

We want to see anything which supports the idea of giving shoe laces a go, teaching somebody to fasten them or you can just jazz up your shoes for a day or two! It’s all about awareness.

Our target is £700 – this will ultimately HALVE the cost of 2 Occupational Therapy assessments for people facing financial hardship and needing a diagnosis of Dyspraxia and will also provide them with tailored advice for dealing with the condition.

Donate now via JustGiving

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