Coming of Age in Nepal BOOK – support needed

Hi my name is Nathan Gokhool. I am an author who suffers with dyspraxia every day of his life.

I plan to write a Coming of Age graphic novel about a teenager who travels to Nepal with a rescue team to save the women he loves from the 2014 earthquake. And also happens to be dyspraxic.

The book focusses on his journey and how he overcomes all the obstacles in his way to save his girlfriend and become the man he wants to be.

The reason this book is important and worth supporting is because:

1. It shows dyspraxics and non dyspraxics alike what its like in our mind and how we work.

2. A large part of this book focuses in a non clinical way on coping strategies and how to over come dyspraxia.

3. How we can cope with big problems in a ingenious and unconventional way.

You can contact me at:

Thank you

Nathan Gokhool

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