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Help Me Write “Help Us”

Hello. I am Bryan Rice. For my master’s project I need to write a full two semester curriculum on the college level. I have been given the approval to write the curriculum about what are known as mental disabilities. This is a personal interest of mine since I am one with the “curse” of ADHD and people want to call me “disabled” or “special.” While the last might be true, I would like the outsiders who do not have my disability to understand people like me better so they will treat us with more kindness and understanding. Most Articles, blogs, and classes about these mental disabilities can seem to alienate those of us with these disabilities. That is why I am contacting you.

I would like to ask you to write an essay about your “disability.” I know that it is just a difference in operating software, like thought patterns, and not a disability, like being crippled. I would like you to explain your thought patterns from your point of view instead of have an outsider explain it. Because I don’t want anyone alienated I need to understand what is going on in your mind so I can instruct others how to help us out. Please describe what life is like in your head. Give examples like roller-coasters, cars, cats—anything that can physically describe what is happening in your mind.

After you describe what it is like in your life, tell me the cures you have found that help you out in either bearing through the difficulties or making it go away for a time. I know everyone is different so I don’t want to just give a generic answer. Please tell me whatever it is that helps you out, whether it is hugging a teddy bear or hitting a tree with a baseball bat. Nothing is ridiculous or silly if it helps. Think about this: if hugging a teddy bear helps you, then it could help someone else. So consider doing this to help someone else out. If you want a better idea of what I’m looking for, I’ll send you the essay I wrote on having ADHD.

I will not use your name in this class. I want to avoid any fear of the outsiders knowing who you are and how you feel. No one will know who you are, and no one will judge you. I want to simply use your description to help others understand what we go through on a daily basis. Please give me your name and the state that you live in so I know who you are if we ever meet up somewhere; but I will only refer to you in the class as “Happy Hamster” or whatever you would like to call yourself. Like, if I was giving someone an essay for a class like this, I would call myself “Georgian Archer” because archery has been an interest of mine for my entire life and I currently live in Georgia. I would rather call you by a fake name like “Seamstress of Atlanta” than “Test Subject 1” so I feel like you’re a person and not a lab rat. Think of this as you creating a new Tumbler page and you are writing a blog about your mind. Give me a blogging name to refer to your blog.

If you do not want to write about how you feel, I perfectly understand. I know how hard it is to share how you feel and how hard life is in your head. The last thing I want to do is to ask someone to do something that would hurt them.

There are too many thought patterns out there to fit into the two semester class I am doing to give all of them a fair shake. So I will give you this table to see if you have one of these to please write me. I do not want to make anyone feel left out, but I do not have the time or resources do a class on every thought pattern.

List of Disabilities

Social Learning
Depression ADHD/ADD
Eating Disorders Dyslexia
Anxiety Dyscalculia
Bipolar Dysgraphia
Schizophrenia Dyspraxia
Autism Dysphasia/Aphasia
Asperger’s Tourette’s

If you decide to help me, I will deeply appreciate it, as it will help me give a better view for the class I am trying to formulate. This might be asking a lot, but I need it by June 30th so I can write the class by my deadline, the following May. I also appreciate you giving me perspective so others will better understand that we are people just like they are, we just think differently than they do.


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