Participants Required

Researchers at University College London are currently running a study to examine the relationship between visual perception and movement skills in Developmental Coordination Disorder:

We are recruiting male and female children and adults aged between 4 and 60 years old with a diagnosis of a Developmental Coordination Disorder, dyspraxia or clumsiness

This study will involve one session lasting approximately 90 minutes at University College London (5 minutes from Kings Cross) or a local support group.

During this time you will be asked to complete a word and pattern matching task, short computer games, a questionnaire about your previous and current motor skills and some quick motor tasks.

You will be paid travel expenses (up to £20) for your participation

Your participation will enable us to gain a better understanding of how variations in visual perception contribute to movement skills, which may be useful in helping those with coordination problems.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and taking part, please contact Fleur Corbett for further details, providing your name, age and a contact telephone number.

Dyspraxia (DCD) is generally so poorly researched do help if you can – Frabo

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