What Career is Right for Me?

I get asked this question quite a lot when people are planning a career or struggling with their existing work.

First of all I’d say do what you love to do!

Dyspraxia is such a complex and variable condition so some may have fine or gross motor control problems or organisational difficulties and other people with Dyspraxia have mainly sensory overload difficulties so there is no simple answer to this question.

In reality there are few careers closed to people with Dyspraxia, though some will entail a lot more hard work than others.

I have met GPs, teachers, researchers, sports people, removal men, vets, carers, hypnotherapists, actors, artists, musicians, authors, occupational therapists and entrepreneurs with Dyspraxia.

I have so far not met a Taxi driver, but anything is possible with determination and lots of practice!

It makes sense to go for a specialist Occupational Therapy Assessment to clarify your strengths and challenges, and find what strategies can help you. A diagnosis also entitles you to ’reasonable adjustments’ in education and employment under the Equality Act 2010

There are two specialist centres in the UK:

The Dyscovery Centre in South Wales and Dyspraxia UK (a UK wide service)

The cost of an assessment is around £700 – £900 and it’s possible to apply to your GP for funding (though not often granted).

Contact us –  if you do this as we can provide a useful screening checklist to take to the GP.

Getting a free aptitude and interest test at your Job Centre Plus makes sense as it may suggest careers you were unaware of.

Or take one of these Free Career Aptitude Tests on line:

  1. SelectSmart.com – Best Job For Me Selector
  2. Sokanu.com – Career Test
  3. Oprah.com – Test Your Career Strengths
  4. iPersonic Career Test

Whatever you do, enjoy your job and, if not, contact us for advice.

Until next time – Happy New Year – Frabo

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