Thought for today

You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.    

This is similar to Taoist Philosophy and Martial Arts practice that you use the energy coming towards you for your own benefit, rather the battle with it head on and exhaust yourself.

What does his mean in everyday situations? Maybe you have examples from your life?

I was told once, when I was a student that my direct and cheerful approach to some of my patients in an Occupational Therapy department was not welcome by all of them. I was hurt and stunned. At first I was incredulous. Who had I offended I wondered, and how?

After a while I realised this was a very useful feedback from my supervisor and found a quieter, more oblique approach worked better with some of the frailer and older patients. My good will and honesty was not enough – I had to gain their trust and have a rapport before we started working together.

I could have reacted badly to this news and had a row with my supervisor and been marked down on my grades, but luckily I was able to use her advice to improve my working practice. First gaining ‘rapport’ or a connection with someone is essential for many areas of life and work, and I am grateful to this day for the criticism, which came at me like a head wind!

Do you have an example of adjusting your sails to get the best out of the prevailing wind, and reach your destination?

Bye for now – Frabo

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