DSA cuts protest!

There has been a recent announcement of cuts to the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) at Universities. Students with Dyspraxia will be affected as much as those with Dyslexia.

This is the text of a petition:

Stop cuts to funding for disabled and dyslexic students.

Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

David Willets, the Minister for Universities and Science, has announced the “modernisation” of the government grant for students with disabilities, the Disabled Students Allowances (DSA).

The initial detail of this modernisation is a series of cuts in provision, placing the funding burden on Universities and individual students.

We the undersigned believe that these cuts will:

Reduce access to higher education for students with disabilities and dyslexia, reduce successful outcomes with less support meaning lower degree classifications for students who require additional support; reduce the employment prospects for graduates with disabilities and dyslexia ;Increase the drop out/failure rate in universities amongst disabled and dyslexic students and lead to further inequality within society.We therefore call on the government to withdraw this policy statement made by the minister, David Willetts.

If you would like to sign this petition to the Government here is the link:


Many students have benefitted from DSA and got their degrees with this help.

Now it is up to the Universities and colleges to pay for any extra tutorial or extra exam time and software will there be the same support ? What do you think?

If you are worried about costs, Dyspraxia Action! may be able to help. Contact us.

Till next week – Frabo

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