Why don’t GPs pay for Dyspraxia Assessments ?

Well some good ones do, though it involves them in a lot of paperwork applying to their CCGs (Clinical commissioning Groups) for discretionary funding and making a case for you to have a assessment provided by a private service like Dyspraxia UK or The Dyscovery Centre.

So it is possible, and right, to get these assessments paid for by the NHS especially if you have had a free screening test* that shows a strong likelihood you have Dyspraxia and that it is affecting you at school, home or in work.

This neurological condition is found following 50 % of premature or difficult births, so why is there a “cut off age” around 10 years old in some areas, after which no diagnosis or advice will be given?  In what other condition would this be tolerated?

The answer for the lack of provision is: lack of staff or lack of funding, and in some cases lack of understanding.

“Haven’t you grown out of it yet?” One GP is reported to have asked a 23 year old with Dyspraxia. This makes the applicant feel bad about seeking help.

Under recent legislation the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has a function “to arrange services”. The NHS no longer has “duty to provide“ as this has been replaced by a “duty to arrange provision to meet the reasonable requirements of the person for whom it has responsibility”.

If your GP decides not to take responsibility, because you are too ‘costly’ with your long term chronic condition, then what?

Commissioning Support Units are out for tender (March 2014) and could be run by private companies like United Health or KPMG. There is a CLEAR CONFLICT of INTEREST here.  Profits from public money (our National Insurance contributions and gifts to hospitals) could be creamed off while the patients get reduced services, using less qualified staff. This is already happening.

If you are interested to sign a petition to try and prevent the Government increasingly privatising the NHS go to https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-all-health-service-provision-exempt-from-us-eu-free-trade-agreement   or see the BMJ article Published 24 April 2014.

Dyspraxia Action ! has been set up to provide the professional well being and health service for people with Dyspraxia that the NHS is increasingly unlikely to provide.

Your support is vital if we are to provide high quality assessments, therapy and advice to older children and adults with Dyspraxia.

*Dr Amanda Kirby’s Dyspraxia Screening tests can be provided free of charge by Dyspraxia Action!   Please contact us.

Talk to you next week- Frabo


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