Are you hypersensitive?

stressEver felt this stressed out at home or work?

Dyspraxia could be the cause as hypersensitivity can make every day life very uncomfortable.

What is Hypersensitivity?

It’s a condition from birth where the senses are very acute, and sensations which to others are pleasant or only mildly irritating can really be stressful – even painful for someone who is Hypersensitive .

“The noise feels like a fire alarm is going off in my head all the time! It almost makes me sick “

“I can’t bear to have a label in the back of my collar – it feels like wire!”

“Bright lights are painful and I draw the curtains when it’s sunny “.

“I’m so uncomfortable in an ordinary chair I’m always fidgeting “

“I’d like to go to the Pub with the others at work but it’s too noisy, busy and crowded. I get called a loner but I’m not.”

These are typical feelings of people with one or more sorts of hypersensitivity. People do not realise that this, together with other developmental differences, is a daily reality for many children and adults with Dyspraxia.

Specialist Occupational Therapists can test your sensitivity with the Adult Sensory Profile. It may result in recommendations to your employer for you to move to a quieter office, have screens round your desk, or be encouraged to stretch and move about at work.

If you are coping with a difficult home or work situation AND sensory sensitivity you may be getting stressed out to the point of depression, panic or losing your temper, which is not good for man nor beast. Drugs are not the answer to this problem, but understanding is.

Assessments are not cheap, but are worth their weight in gold as they will open doors to you in work and education.

Ask us about where to get one and how you might fund it.

Keep your hair on … till next time


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3 Responses to Are you hypersensitive?

  1. Are you UK based? So much of that resonates with me I never thought if hypersensitivity as a proper condition just a label thrown around

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