Are you sitting comfortably…?

…then I will begin.

This used to be the signal for story time and this blog is no exception.

Once there was a lady who could not sit comfortably, whatever she tried . She sat in all sorts of expensive chairs but preferred to lie on the floor or a sofa. This was OK at home because her husband and children understood her. In fact several of her children were the same and they could not get comfortable either . This got them into a lot of trouble at school: “Stop fidgeting !”, “ Have you got ants in your pants?” were some of the kinder things shouted at them every day.

Then one day the lady tried out a cheap folding canvas camping seat which rested on the ground. It had a canvas back held in place with diagonal straps down each side to join it to the front of the cushion. As she leant forward the back of the chair stayed with her and supported her. Suddenly she felt safe . She tried it into ordinary chairs and was still comfortable. Her children liked it too and she bought them one each to use at school, and the teachers stopped calling them wriggle-bums.anywherechair

The name of this seat is High Gear “Anywhere Chair” and you can get it from Go Outdoors Co > Chairs . In green, blue or pink. Normal price £15. Worth a try if you find sitting uncomfortable.

A similar but more padded version is the Therma Rest Trekker Chair.

Are you sitting comfortably?

What are your favourite ways to sit?


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