Dyspraxia Alert Card

Dyspraxia Alert Card

Do you need to tell people quickly about dyspraxia sometimes? For example if you are involved in an accident or dealing with the police?  If you have children would it help to have a card explaining some of their difficulties if they were lost or on their own?

Dyspraxia Foundation’s ‘Dyspraxia Alert Cards’ were featured in the Woman’s Weekly Magazine on 11th March 2014.

Cards are available to Dyspraxia Foundation members at a price of £2.00 each (£5.00 for non Members)

If you send them a stamped, addressed envelope with your order then there is no postage to pay otherwise add £1.00 for postage.

Go to this link if you would like more details of these handy and informative cards.


The Dyspraxia Foundation publish leaflets, information and a professionals Magazine and run conferences and other events.  Their Help Line (9AM – 5 PM) is 01462 454986  email: dyspraxia@@dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk

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