STOP PRESS! Money money money ! In a poor man’s world!

Do you worry about Money?

How to get it,

How to keep it?

How to get by every week?

Jessica Starns has been on TV talking about her Dyspraxia. She found very little in the Community or the NHS to help her but FIXERS on ITV did!

She has created a fantastic Resource book called “DYPRAXIA and YOU “and is setting up workshops for young adults with Dyspraxia.

The next workshop is organised by MyBnk called ‘Money Works’ on the 29th of March in London- it’s fun and practical for small groups of young people with Dyspraxia -manage your money and live well!

Please book here:

For more info on Jessica go to

P.S. We are delighted to welcome Jessica Starns as one of our STAR SPEAKERS at the launch of Dyspraxia Action! on Friday June 6 in Faversham , Kent . 6.30 – 9.30 pm. For more info contact us or Phone 01795 531998.

Best wishes  Frabo


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