This week’s top tip: Hypersensitive? Some solutions…

Hypersensitive to noise?

It has been noticed by assessors that the majority of people with dyspraxia process sensory information differently from most people.  They are often hypersensitive.  This can show as discomfort at loud sounds, bright lights, touch, some fabrics or clothes labels, the texture of food in the mouth, heights, crowds or movement in a car.  These can all become stressors in daily life.   But if understood you can avoid some of the stress and explain to others why you don’t like being in a noisy pub or working in a call centre.  Solutions are individual and vary a lot but deep pressure massage, a specialist deep brushing technique, pressure garments such as job skins, weighted cushiuons on your lap help some people.  Relaxation techniques, Tai Chi and sports like running and rowing.  Find an OT who has sensory integration (SI) training to help you with your individual needs.

Next week: What might be good jobs for people with dyspraxia?

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