Hi and welcome to our blog!

Who’s the blog for?

It is for anyone who has Dyspraxia, or is interested in it – and that’s a lot of people!

5% -7% of the population – or two out of every thirty – has Dyspraxia (also called DCD). Many have also got dyslexia or ADHD as well.  It has genetic basis, so it’s likely someone else in the family will have neurodiversity of some kind.

If you are parent, a friend, a child, a teenager or adult in education, work or unemployed we hope to have topics which are relevant for you. We welcome your comments, queries and ideas as well!

Why set up a Charity?

The NHS provision for children with Dyspraxia is very patchy, so sadly many children do not get a diagnosis during primary school years. We know it’s a life time condition and that you don’t “grow out of it” as used to be thought, yet NHS provision for teenagers and adults when it’s most needed is non-existent.

Research shows dyspraxia affects educational attainment, employability, relationships. Low self esteem and anxiety are common if people are not diagnosed and helped early in life.

Dyspraxia Action! has been set up to fill some of the gaps in the NHS system to help people with Dyspraxia as their main diagnosis to fulfill  their potential.

Dyspraxia Action! is the only  UK charity devoted to the well- being of children and adults with dyspraxia  in  practical ways. It is not aimed at those with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism though this often has a component of dyspraxia.

What’s on offer?

See the WEEKLY TIPS, and WHAT’S NEW? – Practical solutions and life stories from our readers. , There will be articles in more depth on topics such as  “What is dyspraxia? How to get a diagnosis. The effect of Dyspraxia on education. Mental Health. How unemployment becomes    Employment.”

We’ll ask “Is harder for someone with dyspraxia to bring up a dyspraxic child?” and “Does dyspraxia make you more caring and creative?”

PLUS our fund raising NEWS and EVENTS for you can attend. For example we have gliding,    a drumming day and a musical evening, a BBQ and a   dinner dance coming up this year. These events are in Kent because that’s where we are based, but as we grow we hope to expand to other areas of the UK –maybe with your help.

We value any FUNDRAISING you can do. Our coffers are very low at present. All donations, however small, will attract Gift Aid if you are a tax payer and send your address details.

Please send in your COMMENTS which will add to our fund of solutions we have discovered over the last 10 years, from alarm clocks that really wake you up, to Echo pens that record speech, and coloured overlays to the latest ideas  to help you get organized .


We will bring you news of research into Dyspraxia, and funds allowing, we will be commissioning our own research such as   “The effects of late diagnosis in Adults with Dyspraxia” by Kelly Heartshorne, BSc. OT which is due out this year.

We’re pleased be linked to Dyspraxia UK, a specialist Occupational Therapy Service providing assessments for children and adults  LINK   , The Dyscovery Centre, Newport in Wales which provides  multidisciplinary assessments LINK and  the Dyspraxia Foundation LINK  an educational Charity which organizes Conferences, publishes educational material and has a Help Line .

Who’s blogging?  I’m Frabo, a retired Occupational Therapist and I must admit to being a virgin blogger!  I can call on the Trustees of the Charity (several of whom have dyspraxia) and an Ergonomist, Paediatric Occupational Therapists, a special needs Teacher and a Psychotherapist. So send in your queries through the blog ‘comments ‘or via the email dyspraxiaaction@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help you. Please be patient.  Responses may take up to 5 days, as all of us are volunteers.

The official Launch of Dyspraxia Action!  with refreshments and a talk on” Dyspraxia and Neurodiversity in children and adults” will be on Friday evening 6 June in Faversham.  Watch this space for more details, and do come along!

Till next week!


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