About Us

Changes at Dyspraxia Action!

Dyspraxia Action! is a small organization, applying for charitable registration, based in Faversham. Regretfully lack of funding has resulted in the organization reducing its scope. It can no longer provide Grants to help older children and adults get a diagnosis of Dyspraxia or provide a dedicated Occupational Therapy advice service.

We have identified a huge need for help and advice. We received 400 enquiries in the last year alone. We financially helped 8 people get a diagnostic assessment which has unlocked their potential and transformed their lives. The website will continue to offer information at http://www.dyspraxia-action.org.

We want to thank all our Donors in Faversham and elsewhere for their help over the past three years – you have really made a difference to many peoples lives!

Frances Beaumont –Trustee

Roy Campbell – Trustee

Barry Snashall – Trustee

How we started

Therapists working with children and adults with dyspraxia found that GPs and their clinical commissioning groups would rarely fund private diagnostic assessments for older children or adults even though there is no NHS service available once a child leaves the paediatric services around the age of ten in some areas.  This means that doors, which could be open to help with work, study and improving mental health are closed to people who can’t afford the assessments and any follow-up support.